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Kris Humphries stands 6’9″ and weighs approximately 235 pounds.

In other words: it’s difficult for the former Mr. Kim Kardashian to sneak around, which may explain why TMZ cameras caught him entering the Rutherford, New Jersey home of Myla Sinanaj yesterday.

Yes, the same Myla Sinanaj who once threatened to sue the NBA baller and who also once claimed she was knocked up with his child.

Considering Humphries was there for hours, and considering witnesses also allege his car was parked outside overnight on Monday, why do we have a feeling Kris was entering more than just Myla’s abode?

Peter Cornell and Kris Humphries
(Jason Kempin)

Sinanaj was actually deposed by Kardashian’s attorneys last month, called to testify as part of The Divorce Case That Will Never End.

She said at the time that she was never pregnant; never took any money from Kris; and never talked to him about his relationship with Kim. But did she ever have sex with the Hump? Sinanaj was advised to ignore that question.

But we all have the answer now, don’t we?