9/11 Remembered: Jon Stewart Asks "Are You Okay?"

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On September 20, 2001, Jon Stewart returned to work for the first time since the terrorist attacks that changed a city and a nation forever just nine days earlier.

In the uncomfortable and emotional position of welcoming viewers to a show based on parodying politics and current events, the New Jersey native delivered a heartfelt monologue in which he initially asked everyone at home:

"Are you okay? We pray that you are and that your family is."

Choking back tears, the host went on to find the silver lining in this unfathomable loss, calling the recovery "Martin Luther King's dream realized" and concluding with:

"The view from my apartment was the World Trade Center... this symbol of American ingenuity and strength and labor and imagination and commerce and it's gone."

"But you know what the view is now? The Statue of Liberty. The view from the south of Manhattan is the Statue of Liberty. You can't beat that."


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