Nadia Lanfranconi: Mel Gibson's New Girlfriend?

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Mel Gibson has a new gal pal. Her name is Nadia Lanfranconi.

She was seen with Mel at The Grove in L.A. this past weekend, among other places in the recent past. Nadia is - get this - a foreign, aspiring musician. That formula worked out extraordinarily well for Mel last time (cough, Oksana Grigorieva).

Lanfranconi moved to the U.S. from Italy back in 2007. 

Mel Gibson With Chicks

This pic has nothing to do with the article, but it's hilarious.

Sources say Mel and Nadia are not in a serious relationship despite spending a lot of time together recently, including a sushi dinner earlier this month.

In addition to singing, Lanfranconi also does modeling, including for a brand called "F Me" jeans last year ... sounds like one classy line of pants there.

Mel probably likes that, though. Guy drops f-bombs like no other.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]

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