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Lindsay Lohan is apparently being accused of allowing two dudes who robbed a Hollywood Hills mansion to come inside during a house party there.

Police have interviewed Lohan in the burglary investigation following the break-in Sunday, but she is not a suspect … at least not right this minute.

You never know with Linds.

Lindsay and Bader Image

The incident occurred at a multi-million dollar mansion. The owner invited LiLo, who had brought her brother Cody, her assistant and two other guys.

The party lasted all night, and Lindsay left at around noon Monday, right after the owner realized expensive watches and sunglasses were missing.

He told everyone to stay and then called the police. When they arrived, he told them that he believed the guys Lohan brought ganked the stuff.

The cops began asking questions of Lindsay, to which she replied, “Am I a suspect?” An officer answered, “No.” Then Lindsay peaced, TMZ reports.

The case is still under investigation.