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Lady Gaga was just so excited about her upcoming Vogue cover, she leaked it to her fans early … you can get away with these things when you’re Gaga.

After live-tweeting with anticipation, the Mother Monster went ahead and leaked the September cover of the magazine, featuring herself, on her own site.

“SHH DONT TELL TWITTER / SEPT ISSUE OF VOGUE MAGAZINE / Sorry Anna but the underground kids deserve it. bisous!” the giddy pop star wrote.

How did Vogue editrix Anna Wintour react to the leak? Gaga explains:

“Don’t worry I’ve been txting Wintour all morning trying to get that cover queens. next im sending bagels to VOGUE (complex carbohydrate war).”

“AHHH! The Vogue Express dropped off the SEPTEMBER ISSUE yesterday morning. IM A COVER GIRL, and ITS FAB! Can’t wait to show u tonight!”

This marks Lady Gaga’s second time on the front of Vogue, with her look changing drastically from the androgynous March 2011 cover (above right).

This time, Wintour has her in Marc Jacobs mermaid gown and the hair of choice is not her once-signature pink wig, but a platinum afro. Natch.

Between this, the Lady Gaga wedding dress photo and a slew of naked pics (with Taylor Kinney!) she’s posted of late, her Little Monsters website must be blowing up.

What do you think of Lady Gaga’s latest look?