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We’re very sorry, Brandon and Dylan. But you’ve been dissed once again.

In a new commercial for Old Navy, Jason Priestley and Luke Perry reunite with former Beverly Hills 90210 castmate Jennie Garth and pay homage to both the Fox series and one of its most memorable moments: when Kelly Taylor chose herself over a pair of handsome suitors.

A bit random to reference a series that went off the air 12 years ago? Yes. But, for long-time fans of the primetime soap opera, a bit awesome as well:

Jennie Garth Old Navy Ad

In another spot, Priestley costars with Gabrielle Carteris, who famously portrayed Andrea Zuckerman on 90210 and whose character had a crush on Priestley’s Brandon.

And who, based on this commercial, is apparently still smitten:

Jennie Garth Old Navy Ad