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Bachelor Pad. It’s the best/worst.

If you thought the people on this program weren’t the sharpest tools in the shed before, the Spelling Bee last night confirmed that and then some.

Also confirmed Monday night? Certain people have no self-respect and others get far too emotional about a show based around voting people off.

Did Chris Bukowski live to fight another day? Did Blakeley Jones cry about it? Who got the heave-ho? Find out in THG’s Bachelor Pad recap!

From now on, they will compete as couples, meaning Rachel had to get over Michael’s elimination and pair up with Nick … who’s still on the show? Plus 10.

Soon it’s time for the spelling bee, in which each duo had to spell their designated word by alternating letters. Can get kind of confusing at times, so Plus 5.

Minus 390 for some of the words these people missed, though, and for the manner in which they did so, omitting entire syllables and such. Almost scary.

It came down to Ed and Jaclyn vs. Sarah and Chris, and after an eternity of botched efforts, the latter pair won this war of attrition and the roses. Plus 20.

Blakeley cried that Chris will not be sent home. It was awesome. Plus 10.

The winning couple got an overnight date at a Barn Hoedown, which was 1. really nice, and 2. an appropriately-named venue for Bachelor Pad. Plus 15.

Sarah Newlon actually seems pretty cool. Not clear why she and every other girl are THAT smitten with Chris, but they make a pretty cute duo. Plus 10.

Chris says he still reflects on his time with Emily Maynard and came on the show focused solely on money. We’ll buy it. The breakup is still fresh. Plus 5.

Ed and Jaclyn also got an overnight date (on California’s Channel Islands) and made sure to bring up yet again that he’s not interested in her. Minus 10.

It’s hard to get a read on Ed Swiderski. On the one hand, he was very up front and honest about the woman he’s been pursuing back home, so Plus 20.

On the flip side, it seems like he’s trying to finesse the situation so he can still bone Jaclyn but not have her get too attached, which is seedy. Minus 30.

Minus 240 more since it totally works. Come on Jaclyn. Could you be any more pathetic than trying to force him into declaring you’re a couple? UGH.

Back at the house, the alliance was struggling with what to do next. You know, since the alliance was comprised of everybody but Chris/Sarah. Plus 5.

Rachel was quick to volunteer herself and Nick for elimination, acting like Michael was dead and that she had no reason to go on living there. Minus 20.

Jaclyn and Ed each had a rose that they were able to give out – they couldn’t save themselves – and presented them to Blakeley and Tony. Plus 10.

Their options narrowed, the gang sent home Lindzi Cox and Kalon McMahon. Fortunately, they have each other, professing love in the limo. Plus 100.