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America’s Got Talent narrowed its semifinalists down to three last night, with the top pair of vote-getting receiving an automatic pass and the judges then deciding the remaining act.

Did you agree with the results? Follow our rundown below and then sound off on who remains and who was forced home…

Eliminations One: Joe Castillo, Turf, The Scott Brothers
When I saw that Turf was against The Scott Brothers I knew both of their fan bases canceled each other out. There were too many dance acts doing variations of hip-hop that any dance fan would split the vote. It automatically set up that Joe Castillo, who is pretty much this year’s Silhouettes, would advance from this group. I just hope he could add a bit more speed in the finals.

Top Four: Joe Castillo

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Eliminations Two: William Close, Academy of Villains, Andre de Leon
After having such an awful YouTube week, Academy of Villains was the only clear choice to advance through. I’m still not sure that America responds to hip-hop crews as much as Britain did with Diversity (who beat Susan Boyle) or even with America’s Best Dance Crew (and season two losers) Jabbawockeez. That left us with two choices: an awkward opera singer and a seasoned “weird instrument” player. The cameras don’t do William justice and he could fill a large theater with his odd creations.

Top Four: William Close

Todd Oliver, Donovan and Rebecca, Edon
I’m sorry, but Donovan and Rebecca are the non-entities in this bunch. Here’s a funny story: Todd Oliver lost to Edon back in week one for the Judge’s vote. This week he’s up against Edon, but Edon doesn’t have the judges as a shield anymore. This almost looks like it was what should have happened back in week one. Granted I wouldn’t have been shocked if the flip actually happened (Todd won week one, Edon got wild carded back in), but at least this time America’s vote actually counted.

Top Four: Todd Oliver

Eliminations Four: Tom Cotter, Eric Dittelman, Bria Kelly
As much as I’m a fan of Eric Dittelman, I preferred Tom Cotter last night. The biggest reason was because of Dittelman’s circle/triangle prediction. That had nothing to do with Howard’s drawing so it was more distracting for the routine. I’m convinced that Tom could have done any category that he provided and would have been amazing at it. At this point, it was obvious that Bria Kelly was an instant elimination. Going back to the previous votes, Tom sailed through but Eric needed the judge’s vote to move on.

Top Four: Tom Cotter

Nick revealed the top two vote getters and I was happily surprised that William Close was one of them; he was followed by Tom Cotter. Either way the votes continued, I was satified because no singers made it through. The singers always manage to dark horse their way to winning when much more creative performers (Team iLuminate and Fighting Gravity for example), get passed on.

Top Two: William Close, Tom Cotter
Votes for Joe Castillo: Sharon, Howie
Votes for Todd Oliver: Howard