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Alicia Guastaferro appeared on the ABC reality show Wife Swap in 2008. When she was 16 years old. That may have been the first sign of trouble.

But the latest is a lot more serious: Guastaferro was arrested on Monday in Pembroke, New York on charges of prostitution.

The 20-year old was caught some time after midnight in a car with a 54-year lawyer old named James Doyle. She told troopers on the scene that that she’s known Doyle for two years and he typically pays her between $500 and $700 for sex.

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Guastaferro – whose parents were the ones to swap places with another couple on the aforementioned program – actually sued ABC producers two years ago, claiming the show made her look like a “spoiled brat.”

That case is pending, but if Guastaferro’s goal was to prove she has to actually work for her money, consider her mission accomplished.