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Who wouldn’t want to hang out with the cool girls?  Unfortunately, not everybody can and when we’re talking about The Real Housewives of New York City, “The Cool Girls” can turn into the mean girls pretty quickly.

We’ll break down the transformation in THG’s +/- recap!

Let’s start with the zen girl. Luann heads to The YinOva Center for some fertility acupuncture treatments.  Plus 10 for keeping an open mind or is this just grasping at straws. When she says that she and Jacques have been trying to get pregnant for over a year my jaw dropped.  How long have they been dating?

Seems like Luann hit the fast forward button on this relationship. She says she’s been on prenatal vitamins for two years. Another baby has definitely been in her long term plan.

Ramona Singer Speaks with Sonja Morgan

Speaking of kids, how could you not feel for little Jax.  At seven years old he’s had a liver transplant, is on daily immunosuppressant drugs, and wears hearing aids.

That’s a lot for any adult to handle, never mind a kid.  Plus 15 to Heather bringing up the importance of organ donation and what a difference it can make to so many lives.

From organ donation we jump to a conversation about bow blouses as Aviva and Sonja ooh and ahh over one Sonja found in the back of her closet.

Minus 5 because the transition from the meaningful to the inane is jarring.


Can you imagine what it must be like to be one of Sonja’s interns?  I can’t fathom the amount of money it would take to get me to do that job and these kids do it for free?!?  Minus 8.  I just don’t see the payoff.

But plus 11 because I love that eHarmony ranked Sonja as the 3% for whom they couldn’t find a match.  Wow!  What are the rest of that 3% like?  Maybe they can all get together and start their own site. The eHarmony Rejects Club.

Let’s move on to the mean girls as we watch Aviva get caught in the middle while trying to play peacemaker. She doesn’t want the group to think she’s not going to London because of Ramona but she doesn’t want Ramona to feel bad because she wasn’t invited.

Minus 7. Aviva’s going to wear herself out twisting into that kind of a pretzel to please everyone else. 

Admittedly Ramona comes off as a nutjob during her conversation with Carole. Ramona claims she’s always calm and plus 8 to Carole for pointing out that,  “Your calm and the rest of the world’s calm are two different things.”

Then Ramona’s over the top reaction to finding out about Princess Carole made me wonder if she has the emotional and mental depth of a three year old.  Minus 11.

The ladies shopping spree is just hideously awkward.  When Aviva politely turns down the shoes the sales lady offers, Heather takes the opportunity to announce that Aviva’s missing a leg.  Minus 12.  Talk about bad manners.  That’s personal information and not Heather’s place to announce it to the store staff.

Then it gets worse.  Why does Heather invite Ramona? The two woman do not get along and I don’t think a shopping spree will make up for snubbing her on the trip to London. 

Last week Heather says she’s not even sure if they are acquaintances and this week she’s telling Ramona she needs a makeover and insulting her fashion sense. Minus 10. That’s not being friendly, that’s being a mean girl.

Then Carole rushes in to say the book she hasn’t even written yet is going to be made into a TV show. It really is all about who you know.

Ramona can’t let Carole’s good news take up space for a minute. She takes the moment to announce her wine being distributed by Target. Heather makes fun of her but that’s a huge account.  If only Ramona had picked a better time to announce it that didn’t steal Carole’s glory.

I kept looking for the cool girls in this episode.  I never found them.