The Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap: Temporary Shrinkage

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The Real Housewives of New Jersey look for some help from a professional but when it's all just "Temporary Shrinkage" can you expect the results to last? We recap all of the drama of therapy in this week's THG +/- review!

Is that really just a garage Joe and Teresa are building back there?

It's bigger than most single family homes but then again do these two know how to do anything normal? Minus 10.

But Plus 8 for appearances. The Guidice kids may act like brats but they look adorable in those matching overalls and even Joe seems more human as he tries to teach his little girls how to spread the concrete.

Teresa and Joe Giudice Pic

In an unexpected surprise Rosie shows up on the Guidice doorstep ticked off because of all the things she's read about Teresa putting down her sister. Minus 9. That's been going on for over a year now. What took her so long?

Teresa just looks at her perplexed as though she doesn't know what she's talking about and remarks that she doesn't store things in her brain. Yeah. No kidding. 

Minus 12 because these two are so trashy they can't have a simple conversation without getting bleeped out repeatedly. Enough with the f-bombs every other word.

Back at the Wakile family, Kathy and Rosie's mother tells a horrifying story over Sunday dinner. When she was five years old her mother gave her away to another family member. I can't even imagine that! Plus 15 for how this wise woman learned the hard way that holding grudges against the people who hurt you is never worth it. How did she end up on a show so full of idiocy?

After dinner, Kathy decides to be her sister's wingman as they head out to a gay bar called the Cubby Hole. Rich almost looks a little worried that she might enjoy herself too much. 

Minus 8. Kathy needs to learn that to be a good wingman you have to remain at least somewhat sober. What was in those drinks?

Maybe it's in the same drinks that Ashley is downing at her bar. Or is it now Ashlee? And who the heck paid for this stupid kid to legally change her name? Minus 11. That costs money and the last I knew the girl didn't have a real job.

Perhaps they also paid for Ashlee's new tattoo…of a skull on her wrist to remind her of her favorite bar. Do you think she'll ever be smart enough to realize how foolish she is?

But the highlight of the night is Teresa and brother Joe's therapy session.

How can this possibly work when neither one of them really thinks they could possibly be in the wrong. Teresa says she wants her money back if it doesn't work and Joe Gorga claims he's an angel sent from God. Plus 10 to Rich and Kathy. I loved watching their jaws drop when Joe delivered that line.

The shrink tells them not to share an RV in Napa so Teresa immediately takes that as a challenge to do so. Yeah, this is going well. I think she just forfeited her refund.

Then they're told to leave the past in the past and move forward. They sort of manage that one. At least they begin a new fight over whether Teresa's building an apartment for her parents or a garage. 

Honestly, can you imagine these two and there spouses, drunk and trapped in an RV together?  Who do you think will come out alive?


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