The Bachelorette Villains: One Down, Two to Go?

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Kalon McMahon got the chop on The Bachelorette Monday in an awesome display by Emily Maynard, who went all West Virginia hood rat on his ass.

But does our fair Southern Belle have more bad apples to get rid of?

The prevalence of "villains" on the ABC show is hardly anything new, but it appeared for a time that Emily might have dodged the proverbial bullet.

Not the case, clearly.

In the past, contestants have all rallied around one villain, which was clearly the case last night with Kalon McMahon, who alienated everyone by calling Emily's daughter Ricki "baggage" ... not the way to win over a single mom typically.

With eight guys left, however, two more may emerge as villains in their own right. One is becoming increasingly obvious ... the other not as much.

First up is Ryan Bowers, the full-of-himself personal trainer who has made one ridiculous, sleazy or chauvinistic remark after another to Emily.

That guy's just asking to be put in his place, but single dad Doug, who initially seemed to be great, may be showing a different side as well.

Doug Clerget has shown the ability to be somewhat short-tempered, and even started a fight with one contestant just before Emily walked in.

While it's unclear if Doug's mean streak will ultimately do him in, the show seems to be upping the ante with bad guys ... intentionally or not.
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Of course, it's the job of the producers to highlight the bad behavior - it's a TV show after all - even if it means occasional strife for Maynard.

It can’t all be blamed on the idea that producers edited them to make them look a certain way, though. Kalon admitted he said what he said.

“I wouldn’t give too much credence to people that say it’s all editing,” said an insider. “People who go on these shows are not very self-aware." 

"When they see themselves true to life, they get defensive. Editing is the dubious defense of all reality TV. If you give them fodder, it's over."

"Of course they’ll highlight bad behavior, but there has to be bad behavior."

Fortunately, between Arie Luyendyk, Jr., Sean Lowe and Jef Holm, lovely Emily has a trio of strong candidates wooing her weekly as well.

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