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George Clooney’s girlfriend Stacy Keibler is not pregnant with their child.

We haven’t seen anything like this since … oh, every round of Kate Middleton pregnancy rumors, but the web is going wild after various pictures of Stacy in Lake Como, Italy, appeared to show what sort of kind of maybe looked like a baby bump.

Not so much, she proved with this Twitpic posted from the gym:

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The 32-year-old is clearly not carrying the spawn of Clooney … although she is packing some serious guns. Holy moly. We wouldn’t want to mess with her.

Twitpic aside, her rep says pregnancy rumors are “100% false.”

Hotness rumors, however? 100% confirmed. You heard it here first. Not sure if we can technically file this under our bikini photos section … but heck with it, we did.