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Larry Birkhead appeared on Good Morning America today to answer a couple of burning questions:

  1. How has he explained the death of Anna Nicole Smith to the former couple’s five-year old daughter, Dannielynn?
  2. Is he truly the most despicable parent on the planet?

Based on yet another instance of Birkhead milking Smith’s death for attention and money, it would be hard to answer inquiry number-two in anything but the affirmative (despite the best efforts of Taylor Armstrong), as Birkhead told viewers how he responded when Dannielynn asks about her mother.

“I said, ‘You know, they, doctors couldn’t fix her. But if you’re good … you’ll get to see her someday.’”

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Smith, a very troubled actress/model, was found dead in a Florida hotel room on February 8, 2007.

Birkhead has spent every few months since parading his cute daughter in front of reporters and giving the world updates on a child we all just wish could live a regular life, out of the spotlight.

But Larry insists on making Dannielynn a public figure… and then acting shocked when she’s in the news. Such as when he dragged her last month to the Kentucky Derby.

“You know, it’s weird when your child is five years old and trending,” the moron told Robin Roberts this morning. “There’s all these big stars that came and the next thing you know Dannielynn’s picture is all over the place.”

Overall, Birkhead says “it’s hard to move on.” Why?

“Because you have this little 47-pound reminder of her mother walking around. And you have all these images that are still so much very alive that you have to deal with every day.

“I want to keep Anna’s image alive in a positive way. She could light up a room. And now her daughter’s taken her place and she’s lighting up every room that she goes into, trust me. I feel it every day.”