Casey Abrams Speaks on New Album, Important Cause

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During his season 10 run on American Idol, Casey Abrams was anything but predictable. Viewers really had no idea what they were in for each week, as this aspiring singer advanced farther and farther in the competition.

With Casey's first album as a signed artist out today, THG asked what fans can look forward to and he was pretty straightforward: More of the same!

"Expect fun," he said. "There are some singer/songwriter vibes, some upright guitar. A little bit of everything."

Abrams has remained an Idol viewer since leaving the show ("I feel like I have to be," he says. "It's like a high school reunion each year. I keep going back."), but he's also taken on a new cause: IBD spokesperson.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease affects 1.4 million people, including Casey, who was hospitalized during his time on Idol but hesitant to discuss why.

But he's since joined up with IBDIcons and released a music video that fan club members can view.

"It's more of a common disease than I realized," Abrams said. "It's smart to create awareness about it, so I figured I'd make a music video. Kids watch music videos, right?"

That they do. They also continue to make American Idol the most-watched show on television. Does Casey have advice for any of the top 10 about to go on tour this summer?

"Don't get a big head. That's the main thing. There's a lot of talent out there, so as long as they keep their head on straight, they should be fine."

Meanwhile, if you wanna see Casey playing at a venue near you over the next few weeks, you might have the chance. He'll be heading out on the road in promotion of his album.

"I'm just packing up my little Grand Marquis, maybe my ukulele, and we'll see where the wind takes me," he says.

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