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Oklahoma woman Betsy Brashear, 24, was arrested after allegedly luring a 15-year-old boy into a gym tanning room and attempting to seduce him.

Brashear’s attempted seduction involved taking off most of her clothes and kissing him, according to News on 6. She was charged with lewd acts.

The boy was at Colaw Fitness with his mom, who noticed Brashear flirting with him and asked gym members to be on the lookout for illicit behavior.

Later that night, someone informed her that the pair had gone into a tanning room, and the worried mother knocked on the door of the room.

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When her son answered, she spotted Brashear, who had been attempting to hide, and pulled her out of the room … in nothing but a sports bra.

She let her go so as not to force her to be nude in front of gym-goers. Brashear remained in the tanning booth until police arrived to arrest her.

She allegedly told investigators that she knew the boy was only 15, but stated there was “nothing wrong or illegal about giving someone a kiss.”

She also denied removing her clothes, contrary to the boy’s mother’s claim, and despite some witnesses’ claims that they saw her half-naked.

The boy told officers she had asked him to come into the tanning booth with her, then stripped from the waist down and started kissing him.

She was released from custody on Friday on $20,000 bond, and was ordered to have no contact with any non-family member under the age of 18.

Her trial on felony charges is scheduled for July 13.