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The career of Mariano Rivera, the greatest relief pitcher to ever play Major League Baseball and one of the most respected players to ever don a uniform, may be over.

The 42-year old closer tore his ACL prior to the Yankees/Royals game yesterday when he tripped in the outfield shagging fly balls during batting practice.

Rivera fell to the ground in pain as Alex Rodriguez, watching from afar, uttered “Oh my God, oh my God.” He was then carted off the field and taken for a MRI, where the diagnosis was made.

Philadelphia Eagles Helmet

With his season almost definitely over, does this mean we’ve seen the 12-time All-Star throw his final pitch?

“At this point, I don’t know,” Rivera told reporters after the game, fighting off tears. “Going to have to face this first. It all depends on how the rehab is going to happen, and from there, we’ll see.”

The only people celebrating the injury to one of the classiest players in the history of professional sports? Nope, not Red Sox fans. That would be fantasy baseball owners who have Dave Robertson on their squad. He will likely move in to the Yankees’ closer role.