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Score one for the LiLo.

The L.A. County District Attorney’s office has dismissed the complaint against Lindsay Lohan by Thaer Kamal, who accused the actress of hit-and-run.

Just hours after the case was delivered to them, prosecutors found “no direct evidence” of LL ever hitting the manager of Hollywood’s Hookah Lounge.

In fact, per the D.A.’s report, there was no evidence that anyone hit Kamal and drove off, calling his credibility into serious question.

Lindsay and Bader Image

“Victim Thaer Kamal‘s changed story and lack of cooperation with law enforcement make him a non credible witness,” stated the D.A.’s report.

“The fact that no collision is seen on video and a lack of any damage to any vehicle or any independent witnesses make it impossible to prove this case.”

LAPD detectives handed their investigation off to the D.A. earlier today after conducting interviews and reviewing surveillance tape of the area.

They found jack. Case closed.

Looks like she actually was (attempted) vitim here. Hopefully we’ll see no more BS frame jobs and just Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor.