Lindsay Lohan: Partying at Coachella?

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Lindsay Lohan feels she did nothing wrong by going to Coachella this weekend. Legally, she's right. She's off probation and was never barred from drinking alcohol anyway. But personally, is she playing with fire and snubbing the judge?

At her final probation hearing, Judge Stephanie Sautner told her to focus on work and avoid clubs. Coachella is a giant concert, not a club, and the star says she was just there for the music ... yet it's still a pretty enormous party scene.

Lindsay Lohan at Coachella

We have no idea who that dude is.

Linds went to a few different events during the weekend and was very conscious of people whispering that she was in the danger zone by even showing up.

LiLo's gone to Coachella for the last 4-5 years so she didn't think this year was a big deal, of course, and insists she didn't have a drop of alcohol all weekend.

She feels she she can control herself, even in a situation filled with temptation. We don't necessarily believe that, but who cares if she went to Coachella?

Her other recent (alleged) outing is different. Lindsay is under investigation for allegedly assaulting a woman at a hotel bar she claims she was never at.

Can Lindsay stay clean?

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