Jesse James: Not Afraid of S--t!

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Sounds like Jesse James has been reading Bristol Palin's memoir Not Afraid of Life.

Okay, probably not. But he is back with a new reality show and is defiant as ever.

"I'm not afraid of s--t," James proclaimed to E! Online this week while promoting Jesse James: Outlaw Garage, his new Discovery Channel special premiering April 9.

"Everyone can say whatever they want about me and call me whatever, but guess what? I'm still standing. I think I'm in a pretty awesome place in life."

Jesse James Smiles

That he is, it's just not in Hollywood.

James now resides in Austin, Texas, and slowly returned to TV with an appearance on Discovery's American Chopper: The Build-Off in December.

Outlaw follows James and his team at the Austin Speed Shop as they rebuild a 1932 Ford Roadster. He's hoping it will soon become a regular series.

In any case, he's not gonna let the sex scandal(s) that torpedoed his marriage to Sandra Bullock (or his engagement to Kat Von D) get the best of him:

"In light of everything that's happened, I think I came out of it a better dad and a better person while living and working in a place that's like heaven to me."

James, who sort-of trash talked Sandra on American Chopper, says fans can expect a little bit of an update on his life when his new show debuts.

"There's a little bit of personal life [in Outlaw] with the kids and kind of explaining where I am now," James said. "I hate those words 'reality TV' because I think this is a refreshing change because none of it is scripted ... there's no made-up drama."

Hey, if anyone knows non-made-up drama, it's Jesse James.