The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion Recap, Part II: Let the Brandi Glanville Bashing Begin!

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After last week's Part I, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion show continued with more drama last night as Brandi and Taylor join us for the full hour.

Let's recap it all with THG's +/- review!

Last week they took shots at Lisa but now it's time for Brandi Glanville bashing. We like Brandi. Yes, she's brash but she's also fun, entertaining, and says what she thinks to someone's face instead of behind their back. There's a concept.

No wonder she doesn't quite fit in with the Beverly Hills crowd. Plus 20.

Brandi in the House

Brandi hit the scene this season with high heels, no bra, and even on crutches she had legs that wouldn't quit. So being younger and prettier meant that she immediately made enemies and it was wonderful entertainment. Plus 10.

So Andy takes us back to Game Night where Kim and Kyle's mean sides came out and Brandi called Kyle a bitch and threatened to kill Kim. Ah, good times.

At least Kyle's owning her mean girl title that night so Plus 8.

Even Lisa admits she was mortified when she saw the actual footage. She backed Kyle but hadn't known how she acted. 

But Kyle's quick to backtrack when Brandi calls her on hiding her crutches. She didn't do it, her sister did. Yeah, but she still walked off leaving Brandi sitting there not knowing where her crutches were.

That was simply childish and she's not owning up to that one. Minus 10.

Brandi admits she lost her temper but won't apologize for it. She was ganged up on and since Kim's now in rehab she obviously wasn't completely wrong about what she said. Kyle glares at her and says she was wrong about the meth.

These two women can smile all they want and say it's water under the bridge but they HATE one another. I love it. Plus 12.

Andy Cohen Mediates

Andy brings up Brandi's Hawaiian bikini. Why would she wear that outfit around a bunch of married men? Brandi says we're lucky she had a top on at all.

Especially considering the Xanax she took on her way there which she wishes hadn't happened but she can't take it back now.

Then Andy asks Taylor if her lips have gotten smaller or if they're just getting used to them. Obviously Andy's been watching too many Daffy Duck cartoons because Taylor's lips are huge. She says they are implants and they aren't going anywhere.

Lip implants? Seriously? Minus 16. It just sounds frightening.

Then Taylor says maybe they look smaller because she's gained some weight. True, she looks less anorexic than normal. Plus 5.

But Taylor's definitely drank the Kool Aid on the I hate Brandi side of the couch. Meow! She gets catty quick when Brandi jumps into her conversation. She even throws out a dig about hearing that Taylor slashed ex Eddie Cibrian's tires.

Another Plus 7 for Brandi who admits she did it. Kyle's completely horrified but I'm with Lisa on this one. Your husband cheats on you in a very public way ... yeah, I can see being angry enough to take a knife to a tire.

It's not like she let him drive the thing afterwards.

Then Brandi throws Taylor's upcoming book back in her face. I'll give it a Minus 5 but almost reluctantly. Taylor claims it's because so many women die from domestic abuse which is true and maybe someone can learn from Taylor's story.

Taylor Armstrong is Pissed

Taylor cries that she didn't have the financial means to leave Russell and now she's stuck with his debts. At least she's got a lucrative reality TV gig and someone willing to pay her for her book. She's got more options than most.

What about Taylor's assertions that there could be more to her husband's suicide? He obviously had a lot of secrets. It's hard to tell if this is for real or just more Taylor drama. Minus 5.

Then we're on to Camille who made the biggest turn around this year. Obviously once she dumped the dead weight she became a nicer person. Plus 9.

We flash back to all of the Kelsey bashing. "Big hands, big feet, big disappointment." There was also something about scraping barnacles which is too icky to think about.

Camille and Brandi have definitely bonded. Andy asks why Camille has kept her married name and she says it's less complicated to keep it since that's her children's name. Solid answer. Plus 8.

When he then asks Brandi why she changed back to her maiden name she says there were just too many Mrs. Cibrians running around. So funny. Plus 10.

So is Camille too boring? Brandi too slutty? Could there be a murder plot behind Russell's suicide? And will we get some real answers about Kim's addictions or just more fluff? Tune back next week for part three of the never-ending reunion show.


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