Kathy Ireland Named World's Richest Model

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Kathy Ireland is the planet's richest model, according to a new report. Not bad for a woman who, by her own admission, barely made it through high school.

The former Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition mainstay has turned into quite the businesswoman in the last 20 years. To the tune of over $350 million!

This stems from Kathy's diverse business interests which includes designing and licensing products such as furniture, rugs and flooring. Who knew?

Kathy Ireland Worldwide has developed a $2 billion empire. Billion with a B.

In terms of net worth, she's head and shoulders above the likes of Giselle Bundchen ($250 million), Heidi Klum ($200 million) and Cindy Crawford ($100 million).

Even more surprising, it turns out that Ireland's business is worth more than that of the domestic diva herself, Martha Stewart. Plus, she's never been in jail!

Sorry Martha. Anyway, who knew Kathy, now 48 years old, was such a business mogul? Kate Upton has a long way to go to catch this former cover girl.


Kathy Ireland Biography

Kathy Ireland is a former model, CEO and Designer of her eponymous brand product marketing company, Kathy Ireland Worldwide. Kathy... More »
Santa Barbara, California
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Kathleen Marie Ireland