Jimmy Kimmel Presents Movie: The Movie!

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The Artist won Best Motion Picture. Pretty good for a movie that's black and white and silent. Which is just the way Kim Kardashian likes her men.

So Jimmy Kimmel joked during his post-Academy Awards telecast last night, as the talk show host both honored the Oscars and also mocked the heck out of the star-studded ceremony.

Never was the latter more apparent than in Kimmel's nine minute trailer for Movie: The Movie, a movie that encapsulates every conceivable Hollywood genre and also features every actor or actress on the planet, from Tom Hanks portraying Robo Lawyer to Gary Oldman as a centaur to Samuel L. Jackson cursing at the snakes of his... soul plane.

Get excited below for the film that features a guy, a girl, a werewolf, an ancient scroll, the world's most dangerous secret agent and the President of the United States.

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