Situation Pimp Slapped By Serious Apparel Company

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"When tha pimp's in da crib, drop it like it's hot." - Snoop Dogg

The above quote means absolutely nothing, but The Situation from Jersey Shore is being sued for screwing over an apparel company called Serious Pimp, and Snoop apparently endorses some of their products ... so there's that.

Serious Pimp is slapping Sitch with a lawsuit claiming the reality star made a deal to promote its t-shirts on the show, Facebook, Twitter and various other places.

Sitch Photo

According to the lawsuit, Mike Sorrentino and his brother had the right to approve the t-shirt designs, but never said yay or nay. They just disappeared, allegedly.

With the $25,000 advance he got.

Serious Pimp planned on co-partnering with The Situation to make a bundle on the shirts, so they want that advance back as well as compensation for lost profit.

Maybe The Unit is available to fill in?


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