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Forget the Giants and the Patriots for a moment.

The stars of Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl VIII have been revealed! The annual game, which is really just a bunch of tiny puppies running around a faux football field all day Super Bowl Sunday, has become a hit, and for good reason.

What’s not to love about 11 adorable little dogs, doing dog stuff? For hours on end? It’s at least worth checking out during the pregame … or DVRing for the kids.

Check out these adorable dogs now!

Kendall Jenner Lounges With Her Dog

From top to bottom and left to right, the stars of Puppy Bowl 8:

  1. PETER, Dachshund mix, 10 weeks
  2. TATTOO, Aussie mix, 14 weeks
  3. SWEETIE PIE, Catahoula mix, 11 weeks
  4. MARBLES, Dachsund, 13 weeks
  5. HUNTER, Boxer, 9 weeks
  6. HOLLIE, Border Collie, 11 weeks
  7. FUMBLE, Chihuahua-terrier mix, 9 weeks
  8. BRANDY, Pitbull/Collie mix, 11 weeks
  9. BASKIN, Jack Russell, 15 weeks
  10. AUGUSTA, Lab-Plott mix, 14 weeks
  11. ANTHONY, Pitbull mix, 12 weeks

The starters for the kitten halftime show are still TBA, BTW.