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It hasn’t exactly been a secret, but did Kelsey Grammer admit to cheating on Camille Grammer during a Jimmy Kimmel Live appearance last Wednesday night?

Asked by the host about wife Kayte Walsh and how they met, the actor said the event took place on “a plane to England” in December 2009, about six months before he split from Camille.

“It was very romantic,” Kelsey said. “We went out for a coffee several days later and had a magical night in the snow around Christmas time, that was two years ago.”

Kelsey Grammer on Jimmy Kimmel Live
(© ABC)

Kimmel followed up the story by saying Grammer’s friends should have asked him if Walsh had a reality show because “that’s not what you want,” clearly a reference to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Camille’s bashing of Kelsey on the air.

The actor feigned laughter and the conversation quickly moved on to another topic.