JWoww Bikini Photos: Holy ...

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JWoww from Jersey Shore has released a set of promotional photos from JWoww by Perfect Ten, her swimwear line. All we have to say is ... nothing. Words fail us.

Seriously, you won't have a tan line, but you may need a defibrillator.

Also known as Jenni Farley, the reality star just launched her own line of bikinis to combat the troublesome suntan sitch, and modeled them in these here pictures:

A JWoww Bikini Pic
JWoww Side Boob

JWoww shows off her surgically enhanced curves - she makes no apology about them either - in the sexy new promo shots for JWoww by Perfect Tan Bikini.

These give women the option to remove bikini straps without the rest of the top falling off, thanks to a silicon based adhesive activated by body temperature.

Across New Jersey, women with gigantic fake boobs are celebrating.

The line will be available in early Spring 2012, just in time to get your crunk on at the shore. What do you think? Click to enlarge more JWoww pictures below:

JWoww, Bikini
Bikini Photo of JWoww
JWoww in a Bikini
JWoww Swimsuit Photo
Jenni Farley Bikini Photo

[Photos: JWoww By Perfect Ten Bikini]

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