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While charges against Thomas Brodnicki have been dismissed, the man who made threats against Selena Gomez is currently in police custody, undergoing a psychiatric evaluation. And for good reason, too.

This is not a stable individual.

Prior to being snatched up by authorities, Brodnicki talked to TMZ on the streets of Los Angeles and rattled off a disturbing rant that included the following excerpts:

Selena Gomez: Goddess

Selena Gomez and I are the holy chosen ones of God… I’m not overly concerned if I meet [Selena] in the flesh because it may be like scripture says … ‘No man has seen the face of God’ … Maybe us being together is too much like seeing the face of God.

One of my favorite scenarios is [Selena] flies out here on March 23, 2016. We start seeing each other, and we don’t even touch each other for a month.

Gomez has a restraining order in place against Brodnicki. He claims he’ll respect it.