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Amanda Knox was cleared of murder charges in Italy on Monday after jurors threw out a 2009 conviction that sent the American student to prison for a quarter-century.

Almost immediately following her exoneration in the slaying of Meredith Kercher, media watchers began pondering when/if a book deal for Knox is on the way.

She certainly has a compelling story to tell … but would you buy it?

This summer, another young woman who attracted massive media attention was found innocent of murder, and quickly drew offers exceeding $750,000 for such a book.

Casey Anthony has not written a book or even given an interview, of course. Due to widespread public hatred of her, one wonders if there will ever be a market.

Knox, however, seems to enjoy much wider public support. It helps that a review of DNA evidence and long appellate proceedings resulted in her winning her freedom.

Meredith Kercher’s throat was slashed in 2007, officials believed, after a sadistic sex game between the victim, Knox, and her boyfriend gone horribly, fatally wrong.

Knox always maintained her innocence, although what happened to Kercher still remains a mystery. Would you be interested in hearing her side of the story? Tell us:

Amanda Knox: