Steak Out: Mischa Barton Sinks Teeth Into Bizarre Photo Shoot

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Mischa Barton posed for a Tyler Shields photo shoot the other day, and, well, you know how that goes. If you don't know how that goes, it goes ... weird.

The former OC actress and waif is the latest to pose for the controversial photographer, who loves his female celebrity muses to get "artistic" or something.

After a Mischa fan club in Brazil (seriously, that exists) kept asking him to do a shoot with her, Shields says he reached out, and this is what resulted:

Meat Slapped

Possibly nude, Mischa Barton sees food for the first time since April.

"I randomly met her friend and we talked about it a few days later this happened," he said. "She was amazing to work with. I cant wait to do it again."

Shields often features BFF Lindsay Lohan in his shoots, and recently landed in hot water over a series of photos showing a bound, battered Heather Morris.

Here are some more of his recent Mischa Barton photos, which are historic - this is the closest interaction she's had with steak in approximately 12 years ...

Weird Mischa Barton Photo
Mischa Barton Sucks
Mischa Barton Steaks Out

[Photos: Tyler Shields]


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