Jessica Simpson Twitpic: Short, Pregnant Girl Problems

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Hey, when you're pregnant, you have go use the facilities a lot.

Possibly buck naked.

Along with a Tweet that read, "Short girl problems," Jessica Simpson posted a strange pic Tuesday of a pair of bare feet a few inches off the ground.

A pair of bare feet dangling a few inches above the bathroom floor, attached to a woman apparently wearing no pants and sitting on the toilet, that is.

Jessica Simpson Twitpic

The presumed shot of the pregnant Jessica Simpson was taken while she was using the ladies room at the very high-end Bergdorf Goodman in Manhattan.

NOTE: If you're walking around NYC and really have to go, Bergdorf has some nice bathrooms. Nude, pregnant Jessica Simpson not included (probably).

Maybe it's not even her (someone check the security tapes!) - after all, who abandons their shoes, underwear, leggings and boots just to relieve one's self?

Also, who would take the photo? It's all very weird.

If this is Jessica Simpson, however, setting up the camera and staging this odd, sexy pic might be the first thing she's done in years that's required talent.

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