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Safe to say George Clooney will not be voting for Herman Cain in 2012.

While the GOP Presidential hopeful raised eyebrows this week by telling those at “Occupy Wall Street” protests in NYC to blame themselves for their joblessness and/or lack of prosperity, The Ides of March star stands behind the movement.

“It seems great,” he said. “I feel terrible because we’ve been on tour for so long, I haven’t quite been able to catch up with the whole thing and [be more involved].”

Penn Badgley Speaks

“I’m a Democrat so I support Democrats,” Clooney said, adding that “I’m not one of those people that runs and hides when things start going south.”

Slightly less famous but more directly involved is Gossip Girl star Penn Badgley, who was picketing personally this week. Yep, carrying a sign and all.

“I mean, listen, it’s cheesy,” he said, “but I want to do whatever I can.”

“Let’s be honest: I’m on f–king Gossip Girl. It’s absurd that celebrity power is what it is, even on that scale, but, like, use any tool you have, you know?”

Well put. Other stars such as Susan Sarandon, Mark Ruffalo, Russell Simmons and Michael Moore have also been spotted picketing at Zuccotti Park.