Don Lapre, Infomercial King, Dies in Apparent Suicide

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Self-proclaimed "King of Infomercials" Don Lapre, who later went to jail after being arrested for conspiracy and fraud, was found dead Sunday morning.

His body was discovered in his Arizona jail cell after an apparent suicide.

Lapre, who has been a fixture on early AM TV hocking various products, was to be tried within days for allegedly selling millions in bogus vitamins.

Don was facing 41 counts of conspiracy, mail fraud, wire fraud and promotional money laundering for hocking "The Greatest Vitamin in the World."

The FDA begged to differ with that description.

Concluding that Lapre was making wild claims about the vitamin that were simply unsupported by evidence, officials locked him up on MANY charges.

Lapre was accused of fleecing 220,000 people out of nearly $52 million. It's unclear how Lapre killed himself, but U.S. Marshals are investigating.

He was a staple on early a.m. TV for years with spots like the one above, in which the salesman tries to sell tiny classified ads out of his apartment.