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By all accounts, Tareq Salahi had no idea wife Michaele was cheating on him and secretly running into the “Open Arms” of Journey guitarist Neal Schon.

He seems legitimately crushed and heartbroken. Still, we are talking about Tareq and Michaele Salahi. There’s always an angle waiting to be worked.

Had he not erroneously reported her KIDNAPPED last week, Michaele’s affair with Neal might not have gone public so humiliatingly for him. So sad.

But hey, now that it has, might as well milk it for publicity!

Less than a week after being “devastated” and “blindsided,” Tareq Salahi sat down with E! to discuss the oh-so-public betrayal in an interview airing tonight at 7.

The party crasher/Real Housewives husband described his marriage prior to last week as “happy” and “perfect,” and said he absolutely never saw this coming”

“Michaele came into this marriage with love. She’s leaving with at least one broken heart, because she’s a lying, cheating woman. She’s a liar and a cheater.”

As for Schon, who he previously considered a friend, and who is also married (to Ava Fabian), Tareq says he “should be ashamed of himself for doing this.”

The one potential bright spot for the male Salahi?

“We did have a prenup,” he confirmed. “So the winery and property are protected.”

Essentially, Michaele screwed herself over the second she started screwing Neal.

Under their pact, if Michaele is found to have cheated on Tareq, she loses her anything accumulated during their marriage, as well as future spousal support.

That seems like a given. Whether Tareq even has any money to pay support? That’s another story. As is how long Michaele’s Journey has been going on.

Part one of E!’s interview with Tareq airs tonight, and the second part tomorrow. You don’t want to miss it. Seriously, folks. It’d cheer Tareq up. Watch.