Sinead O'Connor Suicide Tweets: Plea For Help or Attention-Grabbing Ploy?

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Sinead O'Connor made some disturbing disclosures about suicidal thoughts on Twitter that shocked and worried her fans - but was she even being serious?

Yes ... but only to a point. After posting a series of thoughts such as "now I wish I was dead, no hope," and the Irish singer has responded to the backlash.

Her core message, in an open letter posted this morning, is that you don't have to hide your feelings, even those that come from a dark, disturbed place.

At the same time? Please don't off yourself.

O'Connor Tweet

"Open letter to all people in who occassionally feel suicidal, think, or have acted suicidally, including that really annoying Sinead woman that won't just shut the f--k up and stop making people feel uncomfortable," she rambled.

"Why would 'God' want u to beat urself up for wanting to die? Don't allow anyone near u who, when ur with them u feel bad about u. U haven't died. That's what matters to God. God is close to the broken hearted. And 'God' doesn't judge."

"Its ok to FEEL suicidal. That is most definately neither a sin nor a sign necessarily, of madness. Its quite normal to feel that way sometimes. And its not only ok but MANDATORY u SAY when u feel suicidal and ask for help."

"Anyone who criticises u can f--k off and is only afraid of their own 'madness.'"

O'Connor went on to ponder about spirituality and clarified that while she believes it's OK to feel suicidal, people shouldn't take their feelings any further.

She noted that despite her rant this week, in which she told followers that she would kill herself if there was a way to do so without her children finding out her death was due to suicide, she certainly wasn't encouraging that.

(Why write it on Twitter then? Legitimate question.)

"I do believe suicide is a sin," O'Connor said. "Because u may as well have murdered every one who loves u even remotely. Including 'God'."

"And we all have people who adore us.. Even if we think we don't. Its a lie too, suicide. It doesn't solve your problems. It only makes them infinately, un-countably worse. Its a permanent solution to a temporary problem."

"Which brings u a whole rake of new karmic problems. "

"Its selfish. And s--t. So... Let's not do it."

Nice. Got it. We're good then, Sinead?

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