Robyn Gardner Case Still Unsolved; Gary Giordano Detained Another Two Months

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Gary Giordano will remain in custody for an additional two months in Aruba while local authorities continue to question him about missing Robyn Gardner.

A judge ordered a 60-day extension Wednesday in a closed-door hearing.

Giordano has been held without charges for nearly a month since reporting the disappearance of Gardner during a trip they took to the island nation.

Gardner, Giordano

The Maryland businessman told authorities that Robyn Gardner disappeared while on a snorkeling excursion, but authorities say he gave inconsistent stories.

Giordano also is said to be the beneficiary of a $1.5 million insurance policy on Gardner, which has raised officials' suspicions of him dramatically.

There were also reportedly some graphic photos in his possession.

"There are some things we still need to confront him with," said Solicitor General Taco Stein, according to the Associated Press, in a statement.

Andrea Colson, Gardner's mother, says she has "faith and confidence" that officials "know that they will fervently continue their efforts to find Robyn."

"This has been such a difficult time for all of us and your prayers have given us strength," says Colson. "We need to find our daughter."