Dr. Phil on George and Cindy Anthony Interview: A Cathartic, No-Holds-Barred Experience

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Dr. Phil holds nothing back in his interview with Casey Anthony’s parents.

The much-anticipated sit-down with George and Cindy Anthony, which will now air Tuesday due to the Novak Djokovic vs. Rafael Nadal U.S. Open title match, is their first since Casey Anthony was acquitted of murdering Caylee.

Phil wants to make clear in previews that he GRILLS her folks ...

Specifically, Phil lays into Cindy over a chilling MySpace message she posted 12 days before she called 911 to declare Caylee Anthony missing.

“My Caylee is missing. She came into my life unexpectedly just as she has left me. Jealousy has taken her away, jealousy from the one person that should be thankful for all the love, support and strength given to her,” she wrote.

Cindy tells Dr. Phil that she didn’t mean it literally.

It wasn't until 31 days had passed that she really knew Caylee was missing, she said. By that point, the high-profile case was national news.

“Caylee was missing in my heart that day. She wasn’t missing physically, in the sense, because I thought I knew where she was at,” she said.

“I wanted [Casey Anthony] to know how much she was hurting me. And I thought that she was purposely keeping Caylee away from me.”

Asked about the smell in the trunk of Casey’s car, that prosecutors claimed was Caylee’s decaying body, Cindy and George had no answer.

“Truthfully, to this day I don’t know. To be honest,” Cindy said.

“Do you want to believe Caylee was back there? I don’t want to believe it. But I’m going by what investigators have told me,” George said.

“All I know is that Caylee’s not with us anymore. I know that.”

Dr. Phil told Matt Lauer on the Today show that he felt both of Casey’s parents held a tremendous amount of disdain for Casey's defense team.

“George would never have put us through those six months of not knowing where Caylee was if he knew where Caylee was,” Cindy said.

Part one of Dr. Phil’s Q&A with Cindy and George airs tomorrow. Phil told Matt Lauer today that it was a cathartic experience. Watch:

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