Did Ryan O'Neal Bail on Dancing With the Stars Because Nancy Grace Sucks?

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Ryan O'Neal was all but confirmed to appear on Dancing With the Stars this season ... until he wasn't. The reason, sources say, is his disdain for Nancy Grace.

Sources close to the Ryan say he was set to do the show but pulled out late when he learned Grace would be a part of the Dancing With the Stars cast.

The actor is steamed about Grace's recent harsh words for his son Redmond O'Neal, who has drug problems, and for suggesting Ryan is a bad parent.

Old Ryan O'Neal Pic

For her part, Grace is perplexed that O'Neal dropped out of her, telling TMZ, she never said anything bad about him ... even loosely or tangentially.

"We have never covered Mr. O'Neal nor his family on our show," the pundit said, adding that, "I hate that he dropped out of Dancing With the Stars."

"I would have loved to compete with him and wish him the very best."

Grace says she considers O'Neal to be one of the great actors of our time and she finds his relationship with Farrrah Fawcett "an inspiration to me."

Well, somebody's clearly not telling the truth here.

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