Chris Brown Cleared of 95 Handicapped Parking Offenses

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Chris Brown just scored a win in the case against his neighbors.

The controversial singer had a whopping 95 (out of 117) parking tickets he accrued in recent months dismissed, saving him at least $15,000 in fines.

Brown was ticketed time and again for parking in what appeared to be handicapped spaces at his condo. But he wasn't being that guy - face it, we've all thought about it ... they get all the best spots! - the spots were deeded to Chris.


Sources at the City of West Hollywood confirm that the spaces were in fact assigned to Chris' apartment from the beginning, which Brown had maintained.

Chris may or may not be the neighbor from hell, but he wasn't doing anything wrong by parking there, and 95 infractions for doing so were tossed out.

He still has some work ahead of him, however.

Sources say "22 citations remain open” for other parking offenses, and his neighbors are still trying to get his probation revoked for his conduct.



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