Teen Mom Recap: Learning From Our Mistakes

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On last night's Teen Mom, there were no major bombshells or blowout fights. Just a lot of family moments we can all relate to. Well, for the most part.

Clearly, Catelynn's family situation is unique, while Amber's entire existence is complete upheaval. But this episode was more about the little things for all.

In which case, bravo, MTV. Let's break down last night's Teen Mom:

Catelynn Lowell, Father

"I'm just excited to have one of my stable parents around again." - Catelynn Lowell. Minus 7 for the fact that the bar is set so low. We've arrived at the point where "stable" means non-incarcerated and relatively non-insane.

Plus 4, though, because at least Dave trusts Catelynn's judgment.

Despite not seeing Catelynn in four years, Dave, who's in Michigan for a job opportunity, proclaims Tyler a "good kid" and seems accepting of his daughter and where she is in her life nowadays. All in all, it could be worse. Plus 8.

"I'm trying to learn from my mistakes, and you can call me anytime and I'll talk through the night," he says. "If she loves you and believes in you, then I do. I'd be proud to have you as my son-in-law." Sniff!! Plus 6.

Farrah Abraham is somehow still on this kick about moving far, far away to go to school, or do whatever it is she plans to do. Somehow we don't think she can afford these places in L.A., or Scottsdale as the case is here. Minus 5.

"This is becoming a huge waste of time." - Farrah. Indeed. Minus 9.

Maci and Bentley Pic

Maci Bookout laments that she will lose time with Bentley if she signs up for classes. Well, sure. But education does have its benefits. Like helping you GETTING A DECENT JOB TO SUPPORT HIM DOWN THE ROAD. Minus 15 for even having to say that.

"Don't look at it as something you hate and don't want to do. Look at it as something that you've got to do to do anything else." - Maci's mom FTW! Plus 6.

Kyle's got this, we feel like. He's gonna see her through. Plus 3.

Also, Plus 5 because at least this put an end to that baby talk.

Ryan even did some light bonding with Bentley. Plus 3.

On this episode, Amber Portwood is dating Clinton Yunker! We remember that guy! This show is like watching a retrospective on THG sometimes! Plus 4.

Gary Shirley tells his brother he and Amber "may not belong together right now," but he wishes they were together. Makes absolutely no sense. Minus 10.

Watching Leah's face light up when Amber plugs in the tree is pure magic. Enough to make you forget what a mess they are, if only for a moment. Plus 9.


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