Movie Fanatic Reviews: Conan the Barbarian, One Day

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Two very different remakes hit theaters today.

First, Jason Momoa takes over the title character in Conan the Barbarian, a re-telling of the 1982 classic that featured a certain former Governor of California/dirty, rotten liar. Is the movie itself a home run? Definitely not.

But is Momoa worthy of such a role? Oh yes. A future "cinema celebrity" has been created, have no doubt, as detailed in this Conan the Barbarian review.

Second, One Day is the big screen adaption of a best-selling novel. It stars Anne Hathaway (with a British accent!) and Jim Sturgess as two people whose relationship evolves over the years from casual, to close friends, to soulmates.

But does the film do the book justice? There's only one way to find out: visit Movie Fanatic now!

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