Michele Bachmann Newsweek Cover: Crazy, Biased?

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Newsweek's latest issue features Michele Bachmann on the cover, and as usual, controversy is accompanying the fiery Republican presidential candidate.

The cover shows the 55-year-old standing against a stark blue background, looking directly into the camera with a wide-eyed, borderline INSANE expression.

The headline advertising the cover story: "THE QUEEN OF RAGE."

Michelle Bachmann Newsweek Cover

Crazy and biased or not ... they could've picked a better photo.

The word "Rage" is not actually used in the article on the Congresswoman, though it does criticize the "radical" nature of the Tea Party Bachmann champions.

Newsweek is already facing conservative backlash for the portrayal - as it has for a recent Mitt Romney cover and its infamous Sarah Palin covers in 2008-09.

Conservatives are slamming Newsweek for making Michele look "crazy" and citing this as proof that the mainstream media is biased against conservatives.

What do you think? Is the above cover biased?

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