Lady Gaga on Britney Spears: So F*%king HOT!

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Hey, Lady Gaga is just calling it like she sees it. Or at least like Jo Calderone, her male alter ego who performed at the MTV VMAs last night, sees it.

Jo put on quite the show on stage, but also in the press room, where he weighed in with some, um, interesting remarks about Britney Spears.

Asked if he would hook up with Britney, Calderone said this ...

Lady Gaga and Britney Spears

"Well, maybe if she wants to, you know what I'm saying ... She is f--king hot. Britney's f--king hot. I don't know. Gaga is my girl, but Britney's f--king hot - this is f--king Britney Spears! Didn't you jerk off to Britney when you were a kid?"

Okay then.

As for who the heck Jo Calderone - an anagram of "Alejandro" - thinks he is and where he came from, the drag version of Gaga had this to say:

"I am from Jersey," he said. "My family is from Palermo, Sicily. I'm not a singer or a model or an actor or anything. I'm just some guy."

But don't call him a "guido." He wasn't happy when someone did. Perhaps he's not a fan of Jersey Shore, where that's a compliment?

"I'm not a f--king guido!" Jo snarled. "What? You don't like Italians? What the f--k is the matter with you? I am just a guy, you know."

"I just wanted to show my girl how much I love her. That's all."

Jo said that Lady Gaga asked him to represent her at the VMAs.

The 25-year-old Born This Way singer tweeted this morning, "To win 2VMAs, Best Video with a Message + Best Female Video for Born This Way means the world. I have never believed in a work so much."

We think it was Gaga. Apparently you never can tell.


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