The Situation Returns to Jersey Shore House; Producers Threaten to Fire AWOL Stars

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Vinny Guadagnino returned to Jersey Shore over the weekend, a little over a week after getting into an altercation with a cast member and bolting.

Reports say The Situation, who walked off the set in a similar huff, is also back into the fold. But the network is far from pleased with their antics.

MTV has instituted a "zero tolerance policy" for the Jersey Shore stars, threatening to fire any cast member who even thinks of going AWOL.

Sitch is Back

TMZ says the network is serious this time. Walk off the show again and you're fired, your contract will be terminated, period. No exceptions.

With two cast members nearly jumping ship in the same week, MTV wants to reassert a degree of authority and show the cast who's in charge.

Of course, it's an empty threat if they won't back it up, or the cast doesn't care. The Sitch firmly believes he doesn't need the show anymore.

For now, all is well in Seaside ... but give it a few hours.


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