Happy Birthday Free Britney, Brock Lesnar and Bill Cosby!

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You've read his content, you've laughed at his jokes, you've taken his side or voted against him in various installments of THG Asks.

But have you ever addressed Free Britney personally? This is your chance! The senior staff writer and hustling pick-up basketball player turns 32 today. He's a new father and a new home owner, but little would make this celebrity gossip guru happier than a few best wishes from his loyal followers.

Put Yer Hands Up
Brock Lesnar Picture
Bill Cosby Photo

Of course, the man without whom THG could never function isn't the only living legend celebrating a milestone today.

Brock Lesnar is 34, Richard Simmons is 63 and Bill Cosby is 74. Happy birthday to them all!

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