Happy 30th Birthday, The Situation!

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Mike Sorrentino, a.k.a. the only guy who has a nickname (Sitch) for his own nickname (The Situation) celebrated his birthday yesterday on July 4.

It's an appropriate birthday for Mike, since only in America can a fella who contracts STDs, takes steroids, talks with a fake ghetto accent, instigates fights among friends and wears shirts four sizes too small become a household name.

We kid. Well, sort of. All of the above is true.

Da Situation

There's a genuineness about Sitch that makes the Jersey Shore star lovable in spite of his douche-like qualities. He also comes up with acronyms and catchphrase for everything and makes us laugh more than we like to admit.

He's taken a literal beating (from Ronnie) and a pounding in the press (from his dad) in recent months, but both feuds have reportedly been put to rest. So here's wishing The Situation a happy 30th birthday a few hours late.

We know, 30? Pretty soon he'll be "that guy" at the club.

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