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It was one of the prosecution’s most damning pieces of evidence: Casey Anthony allegedly searched for the word “chloroform” on her computer 84 times.

During the trial, Casey’s mom tried to cover for her daughter and said she actually checked Google for this term, but witnesses and work records later disproved that account. Still, of course, the jury deemed Casey not guilty of killing her two-year old child.

Now, John Bradley – a computer-forensics consultant who testified to these searches – has gone on record with The New York Times: Anthony only searched once for “chloroform,” an error he realized during the trial and reported to the prosecution. But they reportedly ignored it and focused on the number 84.

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“I gave the police everything they needed to present a new report,” Bradley says.”I did the work myself and copied out the entire database in a spreadsheet to make sure there was no issue of accessibility to the data.”

Bradley says he even offered to fly to Orlando to re-testify.

“If in fact this is true, and the prosecution concealed this new information, it is more than shame on them. It is outrageous,” says Cheney Mason, one of Anthony’s defense lawyers.

No word yet from Sthe tate Attorney’s Office in Orlando.