Steven Colver Convicted of Murder in Tylar Witt Case

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Steven "Boston" Colver was convicted yesterday of murdering Joanne Witt for opposing his relationship with Witt's then-14-year-old daughter, Tylar Witt.

Colver, now 21, and Tylar, now 16, blamed each other for stabbing Joanne Witt 20 times as she was lying in bed in her upscale El Dorado Hills, Ca., home.

Colver's mom, Jan Colver, wept as the jury convicted Colver of first-degree murder, use of a deadly weapon, lying in wait and killing a witness to a crime.

Steven Colver Mug Shot
Tylar Witt Mug Shot

Joanne Witt was murdered two years ago after she complained to local police that Steven Colver had committed statutory rape against Tylar Witt.

The prosecutor, who said the case was about "forbidden love," presented DNA evidence from Witt's fingernails and journal entries by the accused.

"It is a true test when faced with the task of taking the life of another to be with the one that you love," the killer allegedly, ominously wrote.

Tylar Witt pleaded guilty to first-degree murder in a deal that reduced the conviction to second-degree murder in exchange for her testimony.

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