Michael Lohan Pleads Not Guilty in Alleged Major Beating

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The steadfast Michael Lohan is sticking to his story that he did not beat up his former fiancee, Kate Major. He pleaded not guilty to the charge today.

MiLo faced a misdemeanor charge of inflicting injury on a cohabitant and entered the plea just a short time ago at the courthouse in Beverly Hills.

Naturally, he made sure the gossip cameras tracked his every move.

Kate Major, Michael Lohan

Kate Major used to be Lindsay's assistant. Real normal.

Michael's trial starts July 5. As you may know by now, he was arrested on March 21 in L.A. after an argument with Kate allegedly became physical.

Kate says Mike choked her with a towel and threw her over furniture.

Michael claims Kate is the one who assaulted him, obviously, and/or that she made her story up like she did the other time, when charges were dropped.

Sounds like a healthy relationship, to say the least.

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