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Not unlike how Haley Reinhart sang Lady Gaga, Lauren Alaina picked an atypical song from a current powerhouse chart-topper last night on American Idol.

With Carrie Underwood’s “Flat on the Floor,” Lauren sounded more energized than she has in weeks. For all intents and purposes, she channeled Carrie well.

“Lauren, that is the direction for you!” Randy says. “This direction I agree with 100 percent.. I thought it was amazing.” The “sky’s the limit,” Steven added:

Lauren Alaina - Flat on the Floor (American Idol)

Her throwback to yesteryear was “Unchained Melody.” It’s her parents’ song, she says, and Sheryl Crow notes that the song requires a lot of maturity.

It does, but Lauren Alaina was ready. No wonder she’s made it to the top five – and we have to imagine the top four after this evening’s results show.

Watch her sing the Righteous Brothers classic below …

Lauren Alaina - Flat on the Floor (American Idol)

Who was the best performer Wednesday night?